Hello, I'm Emma. I believe that life is simple. Simple as that. This corner of the internet is a space to appreciating beauty in the regular. It's for the little things in life that make life exciting.

It's taking a walk and feeling the sun (or rain) on your face.
It's the rustle of leaves as they sprout in Spring and as they fall in Autumn.
The times spent cooking for friends, the gatherings around a table and the parties,  but also the moments you have to yourself.
It is appreciating everything that happens- love, smells, sights, heartbreaks, losses and laughter.

You'll find an exploration of all of life's ups and downs, travels, thoughts, recipes, and tips on how to live sustainably.

About me

I am 21, currently studying Zoology in Cornwall. I am passionate about local food, supporting local businesses, and doing my bit to be as kind to our planet as possible. I enjoy meditation, yoga, walking, beaches, mountains and board games.

Special thank you to Angie Makes for the illustrations that I used to create my header, and Carrie Loves for my social media icons.

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