Review: Friendly Lemongrass and Hemp Soap

January 30, 2019

I don't know about you all, but what to pack when travelling abroad can be super stressful. There are so many miniature gels, lotions and balms to buy that are labelled as 'travel essentials', you may as well pack the whole of the supermarket with you! However, since starting on my journey to become plastic free, I've become much more mindful to try and only buy what is necessary.
The simplest swap I have made is to change from shower gels to soaps, which are especially great when travelling because they take up less space and you don't have to worry about liquid limits!

So before I headed to Borneo, I popped into my local plastics free shop, The Blue Pantry. Gary recommended this lemongrass soap as it would hopefully deter any creepy crawlies from biting! 
And if you're going to test a soap, you may as well test it in the rainforests of Borneo...
The soap is 100% natural (the ingredients are only: coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, lemongrass essential oil, hemp bran and water) so is free from palm oil and chemical nasties. This was the main selling point for me as we were bathing and walking through the river, I didn't want to be putting anything damaging into the ecosystem. The soap is also vegan friendly and not tested on animals so there's no harm done during production either.
Not only did the lemongrass smell super fresh and energising, it also has antiseptic, antibacterial and natural deodorising properties!  I feel like I should probably list something bad to counteract all of these good things but I genuinely can't think of anything ;)
So on paper, sounds amazing right? Well it lived up to expectations even in the tropics. Let's put a disclaimer: once in the rainforest, you're not going to stop sweating and feeling gross until you leave the rainforest. However, this soap smelled super fresh and I always felt better after a wash in the river with this soap!
Also, Gary was right about the lemongrass putting off the bugs- I didn't get bitten for the first week and a half of the two week trip! Some days I wore bug spray and some days I didn't but somehow still didn't get bitten. Considering I am normally the first to get bitten, this time I was the last in the group so I'd call that a win! I think the only negative is that I used the whole bar in two weeks- although I think that was likely humidity and the amount I used in an attempt to smell nice in the jungle ;)
I'll definitely be picking this up again for future travels, have you tried this Friendly soaps before? 
Let me know your favourite soaps in the comments!

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  1. I am loving absolutely everything about that soap -- that it is natural, cruelty free, and seemed to repel bugs. That is definitely a must for the rainforest ♥


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