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July 04, 2017

Hello and welcome! 

This little space on the internet has been here since 2010, when I was just an 11 year old with a compact camera. I didn't expect anyone to even read my blog, it was purely just to put my own photos and creations somewhere, like an online diary. Since then, both my blog and me have grown so much, and it's good to look back and have a giggle at old posts! Also, regardless of how long you've been reading my blog, thank you- I will always be amazed that real people are looking at it (56,000 views since day one to be exact!). 

So here's the story...

This blog became 'The Little Duckling' and then 'Wallflower Wardrobe' and finally 'Life is Simple'.
I've decided to change the name because I'm certainly not the same person I was when this blog started, or even just a few months ago. 
I'm not so much interested in the fashion and beauty that I was at the start, but I can say that there will be lots of new and exciting content on the way!

Life is Simple is about embracing life and it's beauty. It'll feature snippets of my life, travels and adventures, as well as wholesome recipes and tips on how to live sustainably. 

It's about appreciating the little things that make life exciting. 
There'll be more of a focus on being kind to our planet and ourselves, so I'll be talking everything from ethical brands to plastic to meditation and yoga. It's going back to basics and living slowly and mindfully when everything around us makes us mindless. 

Of an endless stream of websites telling us how to get the perfect body, how to diet or get the latest phone, my hope this that Life is Simple will be a calm welcoming space full of positivity. 

I'm super excited to share all of the things I'm passionate about with you, and hope that you'll enjoy the new content too!
See you soon!
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