Travelling to South Africa

July 06, 2017

Here we are! It may be a few months late, but I think it's about time to share my adventures in South Africa back in April. It was a huge deal for me because it was my first time travelling alone, my first long-haul flight, and I also had a fear of flying. Before the flight I did the 'fear of flying' introduction on my Headspace app, as well as being mindful, meditating and writing in my journal which all helped ease the fear! 
I journeyed from Heathrow to Cape Town, where I was met by my godfather to go on an adventure of a lifetime. I stayed with Rob and Kathleen for nearly two weeks, and we definitely made the most of our time. Here's what I got up to:

Boulder's Beach

 During the first few days of settling in, we visited the penguins at Boulder's beach and explored Simon's Town which was beautiful. The sea and sky were brilliant shades of blue in the heat, with my senses bombarded with local music, tastes and smells. Local men danced in their bright outfits whilst we sipped lychee juice and admired the views.

Simon's Town

 Cederberg Mountains

The next four days were taken up by a 1250km motorbike trip! We explored the Cederberg Mountains followed by desert and coast and villages in between. On the first night, we stopped off at the Cederberg Oasis overnight which was stunning. It featured a backdrop of the mountains, and we were so far from anywhere that there was no light pollution. The owner of the showed me different constellations and also the big splash of the Milky Way that covered a huge stretch of sky. If ever I've felt small, that was the moment!

Porcupine Rest Camp

The second night was even more rustic, yet even more fun! We stayed at a place nestled in the middle of nowhere (surprise) called Porcupine Rest Camp. The night was full of cocktails, pool, fire pits and the best pizza I've ever had cooked in an outdoor oven.

We even gave The Wurzels a listen because we bumped into a fellow man from Somerset called James. I thought the trip was long enough on a motorbike, but James was actually cycling around South Africa for three months! That kept me inspired for my trip for sure.
Some other inspiring/mad people we met were a group walking in the 30 degree heat, down one of the longest stretches of road in South Africa with no town in between. Maybe the sun had made them go a little crazy, but it was pretty amazing what they were doing all the same!

Below: my shower whilst at Porcupine Rest Camp! The water was heated by a log fire and there was no roof. Maybe a bit basic for some people, but quite possibly my favourite shower I've had- who needs luxurious tiles when you have birds flying overhead and morning sunlight on your face?

Seven Weeks Port, Route 62 and the coast

The next couple of days all seemed to roll into one! We headed south through the Seven Weeks Port towards Route 62 where we stopped off at Barrydale and Ronnie's Sex Shop. It's basically a bar in the middle of nowhere, that has only become a tourist spot since someone added 'sex' tot the title and people started hanging up their underwear inside! 

 We also headed to Cape Agulhas, the Southernmost Tip of Africa to admire the view and also to dip my hands in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans at the same time. I can confirm both were very cold! This final day was a 400km loop back towards Cape Town, where an indoor shower and sofa were much appreciated after 4 days sat on the back of a motorbike!

The second week of my trip included learning to bead in MonkeyBiz, which supports local artists to earn money creating beautiful beaded animals whilst they still have time to look after their children. I came home with five animals because they were all so unique and colourful! We also explored a few vineyards, the Two Oceans Aquarium and also Table Mountain.

Table Mountain

We took the cable car up Table Mountain to get these spectacular views of Cape Town! There was plenty of wildlife up there, from lizards to birds and dassies. Again, another moment making me feel small looking down on all the buildings! 

On the final morning Kathleen and me went kayaking from Simon's Town around to Boulder's Beach, which was awesome to see the beach from water rather than land. As we paddled around the coast through kelp forests, seals and penguins popped up next to us! Definitely a great way to finish my time in South Africa. A special thank you to Rob and Kathleen for letting me stay with them and showing me around the local area! 

Have you been to South Africa? Where would you most like to visit?

Emma xo

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  1. it seems like you really enjoyed South Africa! the photos are filled with fun! :">

    xoxo, rae

    1. Thank you Rae! It was definitely great fun :)
      Emma xo

  2. It looks stunning! You did so many interesting activities too. I'm visiting Africa after the New Year and I'm looking for all of the tips I can get! Thank you for sharing xx

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days


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