Lush Montalbano Shampoo and Jungle Conditioner Bars- Vegan, Cruelty Free, Plastic Free

July 10, 2017

Since starting my zoology degree last year, I've become a lot more conscious of what products I buy and the impact they have on the planet. After learning about the effects of waste, and living near the coast, I've seen plenty of litter on the beaches. There is one main culprit: plastic. It goes to landfill and inevitably ends up in our water systems, which causes big problems for marine life. So, I've started making changes to the way I shop- saying no to straws, buying loose fruit and vegetables, bringing my own bags to supermarkets and using less single use plastic as much as possible.

So, I've headed to the main high-street retailer known for natural, animal testing free, handmade beauty products... LUSH. I've found that although LUSH is a little more expensive, it does tend to be more cost effective (and planet friendly) in the long run. A bar of soap will last me up to a year, instead of buying a new bottle of shower gel every month or two. My personal favourites at the moment are Outback Mate and Serendipity, but I loved a Christmas special a few years ago called Old Father Time.
Having enjoyed their soaps, I popped into my local shop the other day to try out some hair products. This time next week I'll be in Cyprus for two months on a volunteer project, so I need to save as much space in my bag as possible. That's were these bars come in...
 For the first time ever I actually approached on of the staff to ask for recommendations, and it was really interesting to find out more about the products. I was recommended the Montalbano shampoo bar for my blonde hair, and also good for oily roots which will be inevitable after 8 hour shifts in the heat! I then picked up the Jungle conditioner bar to keep my hair hydrated in the heat and sea.

 Montalbano is packed with lemons and olives, and Jungle has bananas, coca butter, avocado, figs and kumquats, so both smell amazing! After trying them, my hair is in really good condition, and the fresh smell hangs around for a while too (I washed my hair with these yesterday and my hair still smells amazing!).  A few friends have noticed my hair is looking blonder too, so there's a visible difference to my usual bottled shampoo.
I'd say that whilst my hair is soft, it's not the exact same silkiness you'd get from traditional brands, but you  an definitely see that my hair is bright and clean! However, I do like being able to pronounce the ingredients list of these due to them having so many natural ingredients :)

 The lady in the shop also said they have less of an impact on the local water systems, because many mainstream brands have micro plastics in the formula, which I wasn't aware of before. Obviously that's a winner for me as I'm going over to Cyprus to help marine life! The bars should last up to 80 washes, so will take up much less space than bottles and have less packaging too. The only one downside is that the conditioner bar will need to be kept in the fridge due to it's high cocoa butter content, otherwise it may melt! 

Overall I'd definitely recommend trying these out, or having a look at the different bars in store. They have lots of different bars to choose from for various hair types, so I'm sure you'll find something to suit you!

Have you tried any of LUSH's hair products before? Which ones would you like to try?
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