A week in Normandy

July 13, 2017

Just enough time to squeeze one more travel post in before I head off to Cyprus for a couple of months! In the middle of June, seven of us set off to Normandy for week- and despite our fair share of bad luck we had a great time and came back with plenty of funny stories to tell...

Let me explain. It all started on a regular Friday morning. Five of us drove from Gloucestershire to Portsmouth, with the aim to meet Alex and Bec at the ferry port. We got held up in traffic, whilst Bec and Alex waited ages for a bus (it did not turn up, so they had to get a taxi). Even though we got to the port on time, we still managed to miss the ferry.
How? The car keys accidentally got locked in the boot of Adam's car, which then decided to lock itself! After much debating, we decided against smashing one of the windows, and instead waited an hour for the RAC man (hooray!). After 7 more hours of board games, giggles, booze, naps and disturbing locals in the pub, we made it onto the ferry to Caen still smiling.

Saturday was for settling in and catching up on sleep, as well as stocking up on all the essentials- mainly pizza, croissants and beer. In the evening we had a feast of salads and pizzas on the decking, washed down with a game of Piccolo. Various combinations of beer, prosecco and cocktails were drunk. Unfortunately I fell asleep after about an hour (I promise I was just catching up on sleep!) but it was all good fun.
On Sunday, the heatwave arrived and we thought our luck had changed around after a wobbly start. Maybe we set our hopes a bit high, or maybe we just had bad luck, but the bad luck did in fact come back! This time, Sam's car decided it was time to play up. I wound the window down, only to find it would not wind back up. This wasn't too much of a problem in 30 degree heat, however when we arrived back on grey English motorways it was slightly less enjoyable! Oh, and we also looked super edgy by covering the broken window with a blanket. We are Falmouth students after all.
Nevertheless, we had a great day at the beach in Carolles swimming in the sea, playing football and having a look in the rock pools after the tide went out. On the way back home, we stopped off at Bec d'Andaine to have a look over towards Mont St Michel and admire the views. As the sun began to set into a golden pink horizon, we popped on the party playlist and had a good old dance in the car heading back to the house. We played our own drinking game called Game Master, which turned out to be more evil than we had intended, but it was great fun all the same!

Which leads us to Monday and Tuesday.  I think these two days were for nursing hangovers (I won't name any names) and just generally being a bit lazy because it was so hot! We can't complain too much though, because reading and writing under a horse chestnut tree and playing basketball are pretty good ways to spend the day. There also turned out to be a blow up pool in the garage, which took the afternoon to fill up but was very worth the wait. We also had a feast cooked on the breeze block BBQ that the guys made. Oh, and of course a bit more beer for the less fragile souls among us.

Thursday was dedicated to packing and tidying whilst dancing to Michael Jackson, leaving us Wednesday to enjoy fully. We spent the day adventuring around to local water park before heading to a beautiful cafe in the evening. Aside from being told to get off a few rides because we were too big, the day was filled with plenty of giggles with a good dash of competition. Any onlookers would have thought that we were treating mini golf like the Olympics!

L'Autre Cafe was a set next to a stunning lake, and was a combination of a cafe, vintage shop and art gallery. We spent our time browsing quirky items and relaxing in the hammocks until it got dark. After finishing our delicious meals, 7 brave souls started partying into the night. Once again, I have been told it was really good fun, however after one game of beer pong I fell asleep. So I'm afraid you'll have to ask them yourselves how fun it was (and if any of you party animals are reading this, leave a comment below on what I missed!).

You'll be pleased to know that we had a bit better luck heading home to England. Taking care to never let go of car keys, we made it on the correct ferry! After a pretty intense game of Dominion, we all fell asleep on various chairs and sofas as lack of sleep caught up with us. We all arrived back home smiling, full of good memories, and luckily not too hungover. 

I also made a short film on our week in France, so I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to Bec, Tobie, Joe, Sam, Adam and Alex for the best week- can't wait to see you all again in September! 

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