University Room Tour!

September 16, 2016

Having moved into university halls of residence a week ago, I thought I'd give a little room tour of my personal space. I brought a lot of items from home and wanted a really cosy feel, hence all the fairy lights and tealights (unfortunately not real!) 
I found my bedding sets in ASDA and The Range, which both have a great assortment of room decor items and handy essentials. 
On my wall there's a huge pin board which is great for pinning up lights, photos and posters! I've also put up a whiteboard from Wilko which has all the days of the week down the side so it's really useful for planning meals and trips. I've also found that the cook book Nosh For Students is good for meal plans and simple but tasty recipes- I have the vegetarian edition and there's still lots of variety!
I got these little tealight holders and battery operated tealights from The Range, which also had lots of realistic real wax battery candles! Definitely a simple but effective way to make your room more homely. I also brought along my Mighty Sound Mug speaker for outdoor bbq's, and my Ecoffee cup so that I can take hot drinks around campus and also save waste and money when buying coffees out!
And of course, my collection of jewellery which I seem to have accumulated!
Have any of you moved to uni recently? 

Emma xo

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