Fields of Gold

June 18, 2016

Hello! I only have one exam left now, and then I'm free for summer to be let loose- it will include plenty of adventures, baking, crafts and picnics I assure you. It also means I'll have much more free time to put effort back into my blog, since it's been a bit neglected in the run up to my A-levels. Maybe I'll even change the name or set up a YouTube channel! If you have any ideas/advice please do leave me a message in the comments section :)
This is my first outfit post in a long time actually. For some reason I've been lacking confidence a bit, but I treated myself to this beautiful golden dress from a local street fair the other week and wanted to show it to you! The floaty fabric is just so pretty, and the handkerchief hem has splashes of red and orange underneath. 
And yes, although my 18th birthday was a few weeks ago, I am fully honest about the fact I enjoy dressing like some kind of fairy princess haha!
What have you all been up to recently?

Emma xo

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  1. You look like a beautiful fairy. :)


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