6 Simple, Healthy Lunch Ideas

May 24, 2016

Today I thought I'd share a few of my favourite lunches- they're quick, healthy and (most importantly) taste great too. I find that packing up my own lunch on college days encourages me to eat healthier rather than picking up a quick, sugar laden snack from the canteen. 
Whilst I'm not a health expert, I've created all of these to include plenty of fresh veggies and fruits, proteins and also some grains to keep you fuelled up until your next meal. Recently I tried Cauldron falafels for the first time and I absolutely love them, hence why they are included in two of these meals! A few weeks ago I also made up a big batch of chickpea burgers and put them in the freezer, so that I can get them out in the morning to add to my salad box. Let me know if you'd like the recipe for them or if you'd like more posts like this one! (I apologise for the poor quality photos, most of these were taken on my phone!)
Quinoa and Falafel Salad
Cook 1/4 cup of quinoa in about 1/2 cup simmering water for 15 minutes. Add cucumber, tomatoes, olives, onion and a light dressing. Add onto a salad and top with some falafel.
Avocado on Toast
Mash half an avocado with lemon juice and fresh herbs such as basil. Spread over toast and top with a poached or fried egg for an extra protein hit. I like to serve this with some grilled tomatoes too!
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables and Sweet Potato Chips
Chop up a selection of vegetables such as broccoli, courgette, peppers tomatoes and carrots into chunks and slice a sweet potato into chips. Add a tbsp of olive oil and sprinkle with rosemary. Roast in the oven at 180C for about half an hour until cooked (time depends on size of the vegetables, but usually around 30 minutes works if they're medium to small pieces). Serve as it is or add a couple of Quorn sausages or a veggie burger.
Vegetable Burrito
Spread a tortilla wrap with tomato ketchup or tomato puree. Top with sliced tomato, peppers, fresh basil and cheese. Wrap up and place on a grill for 5 minutes. These also taste great with bean salads inside or really finely slice courgette!
Lentil Salad Box
Lentils are another great source of protein, as well as minerals such as iron and calcium. For this salad I simmered 1/2 a cup of lentils for about 20 minutes until tender. I made up a quick dressing with oil and balsamic vinegar and chopped up tomatoes, onions, walnuts, raisins and cheese to add in before piling on top of a rocket salad.
Falafel and Carrot Wrap
Another way to eat falafel for lunch! Drizzle salad cream or creme fraiche and top with grated carrot. Add some dried rosemary, lettuce and tomatoes, then fold up and enjoy!
Emma xo 

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  1. These all look so yummy, especially the quinoa and falafel! I always end up eating the same lunches but these are such good ideas xx

    Sam // What I Know Now

    1. Thank you Sam! I'm glad you like the ideas :)

      Emma xo


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