Top Tips on Revising Effectively

April 20, 2016

As GCSE's, A Levels and all kinds of other Summer exams creep ever closer, I thought it would be a great time to share my top tips on getting work done. Now, I have a habit of either procrastinating or falling asleep instead of revising, so these are a few of the things I've found help me focus. I hope they are useful to you too! Let me know in the comments section what helps you revise~

Create a tidy, inspiring environment

Clear some space on your desk/table/floor and find were you work best. I like to surround myself with posters, vases of flowers and light some incense to keep me feeling inspired as I'm working. 

Stay organised

Okay, so this one makes me sound a bit like a teacher. I generally don't like writing out timetables and trying to plan what work I want to do each evening for the week, mainly because I find it difficult to stick to. However, if this works for you then great! Otherwise try writing to-do lists. plans, or deadlines for the work that needs doing. Write down how long you think each task will take you and see if you can stick to it- usually you can get the work done quicker than you think!

Put on some music

Again, find what works best for you. Some people I know like to listen to classical music or calm noises, but then I usually need something really upbeat. For GCSE's I relied on the Pirates of the Caribbean theme to get me through revision!

Keep your notes in order

Get your coloured pens ready! Try watching YouTube video lessons or read through your notes you made in class then condense them onto one page (or two if it's a big topic). I like drawing colourful mind maps, but you could do bullet point notes, posters, doodles or revision cards. You could always do a mix of all of them too, to make the revision less boring!

Do practice questions

Possibly the most boring thing on the planet. The main thing here is learn the mark schemes because usually they use similar marking points each year. I was so grateful last year in my biology exam, because a section came up that was pretty much identical to a past paper from a few years ago that I did! 

Don't panic!

If something isn't working, there's no point stressing (I need to take my own advice here). Take a while out, got for a walk, get a coffee, make some snacks, go to the gym, anything! You'll probably find that if you come back to work later you'll understand it a bit better :)

Hope you enjoyed reading my tips, let me know in the comments what helps you revise!

Emma xo

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