Bristol Fashion Week SS16

April 09, 2016

It's that time of the year again! I love the transition from thick winter clothes into light, airy clothes for summer- not to mention the improving weather as well. A few weeks ago I got an email from Gina at Cribbs Causeway inviting me along to see the catwalk show. Of course, after such a great Autumn/Winter show last year I was very excited to visit again! On arrival there was plenty of pretty summer bunting, picnic baskets and flowers to set the scene. There were also cute milk bottles filled with still lemonade, fondant fancies and Krispy Kreme donuts to enjoy. We were all asked to wear an item of pink in support of Race for Life too- if you have any spare change, or even fancy doing an event or run then make sure you visit their website HERE, because it is a great charity to support.
 First up was a Wimbledon inspired scene, featuring crisp whites and classic tailoring styled with bursts of bright yellow. Garments here were from Marks and Spencer. Can we just take a minute to appreciate this tennis ball headband too? Unfortunately, not available to buy from M&S (but it would be easy enough to make your own, if statement hair pieces are your kind of thing!)
 So this next one was probably my favourite scene overall. Anything set to the Great British Bake Off theme music is an automatic winner in my eyes. It was full of dainty floral prints, breezy chiffon, as well as even more fantastic hair adornments. Fashion here from Hobbs, menswear from Moss Bros and accessories from Accessorize.
 There was also lots of block colours, both bright and monochrome. A lot of the styles were quite timeless as well, with bold fitted tailoring and shapes. Apparently terracotta colour is going to be 'in style' this winter as well as summer, but they are re-marketing it as 'conker' later in the year. Personally I think they are two very different colours (terracotta is more orange and conker is a dark brown) but who am I to disagree with the fashion experts? 
 Another of my other favourite scenes was called 'Folk Romantics', styled around the idea of a casual summer wedding. There were some gorgeous lace dressed from Jack Wills, and I love how they were complimented by trailing ivy, brown sandals and polaroid photos as a backdrop. One of the things I really enjoy about Bristol Fashion Week is how happy the models look being on the catwalk! There is also a variety of body shapes and ages, including children, who also look like they're having a lot of fun!
 Mark Heyes also did a model makeover for Helen. This Coast dip hem skirt and beaded top looked very dramatic, and you could see how confident she felt- and quite rightly so, she looked amazing!

And that concludes my round-up of the catwalk show. I hope you've enjoyed seeing the new styles in the shops at the moment, and what to look forward to for summer!
Which outfits are your favourites?
Let me know in the comments section below!

Emma xo

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