What I bought in Iceland...

March 21, 2016

Another Iceland post! Today I just thought I'd share what I bought as souvenirs. The above necklace was the first thing I purchased, which was from a gift shop near the Gullfoss waterfall. I later discovered that these necklaces are available in every single gift shop in Iceland! Anyway, it's a little Icelandic protective rune with the Algiz symbol meaning bravery. This one is really important to me personally, as I overcame some fears on the trip.
This little glass vase reminded me of the ice formations and beauty throughout Iceland, so it's just a little something for me to bring home and fill with crystals and trinkets. I think it was around £4 equivalent so not too expensive either.
Annnnd... I bought a rug. Out of all of the things in Iceland I bought a rug. From Tiger. Which is also in the UK. In all honesty I have been on the lookout for a rag rug for my bedroom, so despite a few odd looks I bought this one as I loved the colours. It was only the equivalent of £5 as well so a great bargain.
Finally, the wool products in Iceland were expensive, and quite rightly so as they are really good quality. However, I couldn't justify paying a few hundred pounds on an itchy jumper so bought a ball of raspberry colour wool instead. I'm going to knit a chunky bobble hat with it, and it works out a fraction of the cost of buying one ready made (only £3.70 in fact!).
So that's everything I brought back for Iceland. I'll admit the selection is quite random, but I hope you enjoyed having a look anyway!
Have a great week~

Emma xo

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