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March 19, 2016

Welcome to what is probably the biggest and most photo-heavy post I've ever written. But it's all about Iceland and pretty views, so that's okay right? I left on the Friday the 4th of March and came back to England in the early hours of the following Thursday morning, so thought I'd so a post about what we (geography students) got up to on our adventure. Hope you enjoy this post!~

The main activities started on Saturday (all of Friday was spent travelling) and we of course had to check out the main tourist attractions in the Golden Circle. Above is the amazing Gullfoss waterfall, which was followed up by visits to Geysirs and the National Park (below). This is were the North American plate meets the Eurasian plate, and that's basically as close to America as I've ever got so it wasn't just the geology students that got excited! At this point we were pretty cold so used any excuse to start a snowball fight or slide down hills, so that was all fun too. Lastly we went to a geothermal power plant (probably the least exciting part of the day, as you might have guessed!)

On Sunday we explored the south coast. Firstly we had a short walk to see the beautiful Solheimajokull glacier, followed by a visit to the black beach- although it was covered in snow so not very black at all!
 Skogafoss, in the photo below, was spectacular with the rainbow at the bottom. We also walked up the hill to the side to get a view from the top (or in my case 3/4 of the way because I hate heights). After another short drive we arrives at Seljalandsfoss, a waterfall which you could walk behind, and a secret waterfall which was super pretty. Despite getting soaked, these were probably some of my favourite places of the trip!
Monday- Super Jeep Day! Okay, so for the first 30 minutes or so of being in a super Jeep, I wished I'd taken some travel tablets haha! I was fine anyway, and it ended up being really good fun. We stopped off at the Merkjárfoss waterfall and then went off roading through Thor Valley. To start with we were wondering how long it would take to meander around all of the rivers. Turns out, we drove straight though!
We also stopped off to look into a magical ice cave and have a little wander down a ravine with lots of frozen waterfalls. There's not very much to say here because the photos speak for themselves!
Tuesday... we did a 7 km round hike through the mountains to a geothermally heated river. Now, whilst the views were amazing, I must admit that the river was more of a stream! It's probably lovely in the summer, however, the ankle deep water was really hot on one side and cold on the other, so you had to strategically place yourself somewhere where there was warm water. Also, whilst I was standing waiting to get changed again it started snowing, so ended up being a bit grumpy about that! I'm laughing talking about it now but at the time I couldn't wait for the hike back (which is saying something!). I have so much more appreciation for the Revenant now though ;)

Friday was definitely a chill out day in comparison to all of our adventure days! We spent the morning exploring Reykjavik, shopping and visiting coffee shops before moving on to the Blue Lagoon in the afternoon. It was a great way to finish off the week, and very relaxing before the flight. One of the amusing things about it was the steam (both from the lagoon and nearby power plant) so you could only see a few metres in front of you. Also, everyone was using clay face masks so they looked like some kind of melting ghosts which was quite funny. We then travelled to the air port to begin our journey home...
That's it! I hope you've enjoyed seeing and reading about our trip. Have you been to Iceland before? Where would you like to visit?
Emma xo 

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