Seventies Paisley

March 30, 2016

 For once the British weather held up long enough for me to photograph an outfit. I hope this means that Spring has well and truly arrived and is here to stay (I'm also getting very excited at the thought of a relaxing summer once exams are over!).
 Spring and Summer clothes are definitely my favourites over big bulky winter outfits because everything is so much lighter, more colourful and laid back. Recently I bought a few new things from Boohoo including this paisley off-the-shoulder top and I really like the breezy chiffon and loose fit. They have some really lovely items in their current collection so I'd definitely recommend having a look!
I also found these amazing rainbow Jeffrey Campbell shoes in TK Maxx! They had a retail price of £98 but were reduced to just £29.99 so will be great for summer- with a little bit of practice walking in them first haha! They go well with my bag which my friend brought back from India too, which has got the prettiest embroidery and is scattered with lots of tiny mirrors. 
Hope you're having a great week!


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