January 29, 2016

As promised, here's my first post focused on photography. I've realised that over the past couple of years I haven't done a huge amount of photography, bar the ones I've taken for my blog and shop. So, when the sunny decided to show itself and light up the morning frost, I seized the opportunity to get behind the lens again rather than be in front of it.
I've always loved nature and photographing flowers, animals and plants- that's still very noticeable here! Hopefully with more practise I'll be doing more like this and will continue to do it as a hobby whilst studying my degree in Zoology (which is obviously nature based too so it'll tie in nicely!)
I had to sneak in a photo of Benny on our walk, he gets very excited about everything and is so photogenic. He's a beautiful rescue dog that we look after a few times a week whilst a friend is working!
Emma xo

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