Boats against the current

March 04, 2015

Hello lovelies! It's no surprise that the 1920's are my favourite era for style, and although it's slightly difficult to channel flapper dresses into my daily style, I'm more than happy to add a touch of glamour when necessary! Last week I had a sudden rush of inspiration following the release of Issue 9 of Whim Magazine, so I returned to my trusty edition of the Ultimate Guide to Whimsical and Dreamy Photography (there's a new issue being released later this week too) to see what I could do.

Deciding to style my inner Daisy Buchannan, I donned my prom dress once more, added the iconic flapper smoky make-up and tried not to giggle during the photos! These are a few of final photos, and I also used the lace filter method for the pretty hazy effect above. If you fancy seeing the whole shoot, pop over to the Whim website for the full set~
Hope you enjoy them!
Have a wonderful week,
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