A day of vintage shops, wandering and wasabi

March 10, 2015

So a few weeks ago in half term I went on a day trip to Exeter, and thought I'd share a few of my adventures along the way. First up, my friend and I visited all of the vintage shops we could find, and of course The Real McCoy~
The roaring 1920's will always be my favourite era- if I had enough occasions and Gatsby-esque parties to attend, I wouldn't hesitate to pick up all 5 of these beautiful dresses!
After shopping, I finally got convinced to try sushi or the first time and we stopped off at the the sushi bar for a light lunch. Okay, so I was a little cautious to begin with (I'm up for trying most foods but salmon skin? Not top of my list!) but nevertheless I really enjoyed picking food off the conveyer belt and the food itself was amazing. I especially loved the avocado maki and pumpkin korroke, but I'll be giving the wasabi a miss next time ;)
What have you all been  up to recently?
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