A Grand Day Out

January 07, 2015

Last week I started ticking off my New Year's bucket list by getting my own domain (!) and also attending my first classic car show. It's all very exciting feeling a bit more professional now, and over the coming weeks I'll be making a few small changes to my blog to hopefully improve this space a little bit!
So on the 1st of January the grey weather deter us from a drive across the countryside to end up at a car show featuring cars pre-1980's.. There were so many models, from Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang lookalikes to Beetles, Trucks, Austins and Morris Minors (there were three of us Minor owners!). I loved seeing all of the variety across the years, and thought the cream beetle in the above photo that parked next to us was probably one of the prettiest cars there. We seemed to be the only owners there that weren't part of a club, so feeling a bit left out we didn't stay long after having a nose around all of the cars, whoops!
After the car show, we drove to a nearby village where there was a huge antiques shop with a treasure trove of jewellery, clothes and home-wares. The stands and cabinets were piled high with jewels of every kind and were dazzling with rhinestones and beads of every shade of the rainbow. Who needs Aladdin's cave when you have shops like this?
I loved all of the little trinkets and quirky hidden areas, shops like this are just created to be explored!
After a browse we stopped by in the cafe section of the shop and had a delicious light lunch, and I was also so happy to see that there was a great range of vegetarian options (finding food is a bit of a nightmare sometimes!). I opted for the cheese and onion quiche with salad and scoop of coleslaw. the complete opposite to my dad's choice of the large full English breakfast!
What have you all been up to recently?

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