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September 20, 2014

 The internet provides such a huge range of inspirations- Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook are constantly keeping my notebook full of new ideas. Today, I'd like to introduce to you my favourite source of whimsical, dreamy photography and discovering new artists- Whim Magazine. The Whim Online Magazine website itself features a daily dose of beautiful photography, artists and creators, providing a constant stream of dreamy photos. 

 Issue 7 was released on Monday, and it certainly didn't disappoint! The team at Whim pulled out all of the stops to create a  truly stunning edition of photo shoots and interviews. My favourites in particular are 'In the Flowers' by Kalindy Ann Williams (page 6), 'Pastel Dreams' by Helen Billingham (page 110) and 'Emma' by Kenneth Kwok (page 126).  

This month, I've been so honoured to be featured on pages 162-166, so I hope you enjoy reading my interview and discovering how I started my blog a bit by accident! It's been so wonderful working with Whim the past month, and I'm also thrilled to announce I've also joined the team as a regular recipe contributor on the website. So far, there's been Blackberry Crumble Squares and Elderberry Pie recipes here, and I've certainly got plenty of ideas in the making, so keep your eyes peeled!
Filled with interviews, inspirations and dreamy photography, the dreamy pages of Whim never fail to inspire me. I'd definitely recommend pouring a warm cup of  your favourite latte/coffee/tea and settling down to spend the afternoon scrolling through Issue 7, then you'll probably want to carry on reading the previous 6 editions too! I can assure you that they are all just as inspirational and beautiful.
Be sure to take a look at the Whim Magazine website, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram too!
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  1. how did you get to be involved as a writer for the magazine?! I would love to do something like this! x

    I've got a giveaway over on my blog if you want to check it out :)


    1. Hi Rachel! Either wait for a magazine to get into contact with you, or write to them and let you know about your blog- it's a great way to get work experience or start writing articles! You could also write up some sample stories about things you're passionate about and email them :)
      Hope this helps!
      Emma xo

    2. Thanks for the advice Emma! I'll definitely try that :) x

    3. You're welcome Rachel! Hope it goes well for you :)
      Emma xo


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