Adventures in France: Food

July 27, 2014

Well known throughout blogs for it's pretty confections and desserts,  France is the perfect place to try out new foods! If you're not fed up of seeing pastel macaroons yet, take a look at these delicious ones in the bakeries on my holiday- I couldn't resist taking a few snaps, and who can blame me when they are piled high in plenty of colours and flavours?
Next are the markets. Not just for groceries, the traditional weekly food markets around French towns are full of fresh produce including fruits, vegetables and meats. The tomato and berry stalls were particularly delicious looking, with the fruits having so much more flavour and scent than the supermarket alternatives!
Finally are the patisserie treats which can be found in every bakery and coffee shop- without a doubt my favourite of all French foods! Huge fruit tarts, cheesecakes, éclairs, pies and pastries, each piped and decorated to be (almost) too pretty to eat. I bought these little treats in La Mie Caline, the Parisian equivalent of Greggs. After chosing the mini chocolate tart, lemon meringue pie and raspberry pistachio tart, I had a little sample of each, and they honestly tasted as good as they looked!
Which are your favourite foods abroad?
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