DIY Mermaid Sea Salt Spray

June 22, 2014

With summer arriving, what better way to style hair than with beachy mermaid waves? I looked up a few recipes to make my own, but as per usual quite a few ingredients were missing from my cupboards (aloe vera gel, hair gel, coconut oil, the works) so came up with my own recipe. I also added some shells and gemstones to the bottle to make it look a bit prettier and so that I could remember what's inside. Because it is made with natural ingredients, the effect won't last as long as the ones with gel in, but it helps give hair loose waves and a summer scent of your choice!
To make: Basic recipe: Fill  a spray bottle with water- I used 50ml. Add one teaspoon of sea salt, then essential oils and extracts of your choosing. I added a few drops of vanilla and freesia, but coconut, citrus and lavender scents would all be perfect for this.
Additional ingredients-
Add lemon juice if you want to lighten your hair in the sun
Add a teaspoon of hair gel to hold the waves in place
Add a teaspoon of almond oil or conditioner for softer hair
To use, spray on your hair and scrunch to give it soft waves. There aren't any preservatives or holding chemicals in the basic recipe, so you will probably also want to use hair spray after in order to keep the waves or add the gel, but otherwise just use throughout the day to top up your waves!
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  1. I have hair that always looks better after a quick dip in the sea... but I have always bought sea salt spray rather than made it. Maybe you have inspired me to give it a try in the future!

    Lovin' the shells:D


    1. Thank you Alannah! I agree- sea hair always looks so much more healthy, I'm glad you liked the recipe!
      Emma xo


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