Recipe: Golden Chocolate Chip Cookies

May 09, 2014

Another of my favourite recipes today- chocolate chip cookies. As well as being the most simple recipe I've used, these are also the treat that goes down fastest in my house (a batch that lasts more than a day or two is very good going!) 
You will need: 100g margarine, 75g soft light brown sugar, 2 tbsp golden syrup, 175g self-raising flour, 100g chocolate chips, 2 tbsp milk
1. Heat the oven to 180C and grease two baking trays.
2. Cream the butter then add in the sugar and beat until light and fluffy.
3. Add the flour, syrup, milk and chocolate chips and mix well.
4. Put spoonfuls of the mix on trays and bake for 8-10 minutes. Remove from the tray immediately (they will still be slightly soft) and leave to cool or enjoy warm.

Let me know your favourite recipes!

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